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I  offer a free 30 day puppy health insurance policy which becomes activated when you have your Beachwood Canyon Cockapoo puppy wellness exam (to be done within 24 hours of puppy pickup.) Good for pups under 4 mos old

 Cockapoos are a good choice city and country dwellers, because of the their size range - as any size poodle can influence the cockapoo size, from toy to standard.  

As for my own cockapoos I encourage anyone who has one to feel free to contact me anytime with any issues, questions, or just fun stories.  Good breeders will always take back their dogs for life as none of these babies need ever be surrendered to a dog pound or shelter.  I will be happy to assist you for the life of any animal I am responsible for bringing into the world.  


310-435-3344 or

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