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I  offer a free 30 day puppy health insurance policy which becomes activated when you have your Beachwood Canyon Cockapoo puppy wellness exam (to be done within 24 hours of puppy pickup.) Good for pups under 4 mos old


 paw-print.pngWelcome to Beachwood Canyon Cockapoos 


cream and white cockapoo puppy

Scroll down for more puppy pictures


The cockapoo is one of the oldest hybrid breeds in modern times enjoying long bouts of popularity both in America and the United Kingdom, among other countries.  Cockapoos can be a first generation mix of an American or English Cocker Spaniel and any size of poodle or can be a generational cockapoo from a cockapoo mom and dad; unlike its cousin the labradoodle, the cockapoo does is not infused with any other breed of dog other than cocker and poodle.  This mix allows for a hypoallergenic coat, intelligence, loving and merry nature making the cockapoo a favorite for families and pretty much just about anyone who wants a beautiful companion dog with a loyal, loving, forgiving and affectionate temperament.   Because of the poodle, their coats are low to no-shed.  They have hair that grows instead of shedding, so must be groomed every 6 weeks.  


Although not yet a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, cockapoos can be registered with other Kennel clubs, including but not limited to the American Cockapoo Club and the Continental Kennel Club.  The AKC does allow cockapoos to be shown for agility but not confirmation.  Many of us hope that in the coming decades the cockapoo will become an AKC registered breed, albeit some controversy about whether or not this would be good for the cockapoo.  Good cockapoo breeders know their dogs' lineage and test for known defects that are common.   Cockapoos do tend to have less health problems than cocker or poodle purebreds; this phenomenon is called "hybrid vigor;" there is controversy whether or not this hybrid vigor continues once generational cockapoos are bred (ie, cockapoo to cockapoo breedings.)  This is not an exact science but a way of trying to bring forth the best possible cockapoos for your family.  We have striven to produce excellent temperament, health, confirmation and coats, and as a bonus want the most beautiful faces possible.  


Welcome and enjoy the many photos of these gorgeous, wonderful cockapoos.  They make excellent service dogs because of their temperaments, hypoallergenic coats, and easy nature in training and bonding to people.  Cockapoos are a good choice city and country dwellers, because of the their size range - as any size poodle can influence the cockapoo size, from toy to standard.  


As for my own cockapoos I encourage anyone who has one to feel free to contact me anytime with any issues, questions, or just fun stories.  Good breeders will always take back their dogs for life as none of these babies need ever be surrendered to a dog pound or shelter.  I will be happy to assist you for the life of any animal I am responsible for bringing into the world.  








Past Puppy litters showing different colors and pattern:


Red cockapoo puppies, apricot cockapoo puppies and tuxedo cockapoos



Buff cockapoo puppies, silver buff cockapoo puppies, apricot cockapoo puppies


blue merle parti cockapoo puppies, chocolate merle cockapoos puppies,

chocolate with tan points and parti cockapoo puppies



Black n tan cockapoo puppies, light apricot tuxedo cockapoo puppy, chocolate cockapoo puppies, some with tan points, one chocolate sable  


Black and tan and tri color cockapoo puppies, buff cockapoo puppies 


 buff and cream cockapoo puppies with tuxedo markings, open parti cockapoos

black and white and tri colored cockapoo puppies



buff cockapoo puppies


Chocolate and tan, blue merle, chocolate roan and parti cockapoo puppies



 Gorgeous blue merle cockapoo puppies and chocolate cockapoo puppies 



We will be having our 4th Cockapoolooza Reunion in the Fall of 2016


 First Sibling Reunion 2013


Our annual reunion 2014


Annual Reunuion 2015


Contact me for information regarding future reunions!  














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